hi-tech calibrations of all test equipment

High quality calibration service!

TER Calibration UKAS & ISO17025.

ISO-17025 and UKAS Calibration

TER is a high quality UKAS accredited laboratory. All calibrations we provide will meet the BS EN ISO 10012 and the ISO_17025 standards. We use the same calibration procedure and schedules for UKAS and non UKAS calibrations.

Manufactures` Specification

TER checks the equipment against the original Manufactures Specification. Also the quality of the calibration will always be at least as exacting as the manufactures recommended calibration procedure.

Not Manufactures` Specification

TER can, upon request, build bespoke test templates. If you need to test an instrument at specific points or if you use the equipment in an abnormal fashion then we will create a test template just for that item.

National Standards

All TER measurements are directly traceable to national standards. TER is one of the few calibration companies with a primary standards laboratory. We test calibrators and standards for many customers and competitors.


TER uses Optimisation to reduce the likelihood of items drifting out of tolerance: very few companies do this well, however it is a critical aspect of safety.  You can also save money.


All certificates include a full set of results (before and after where different). You save time and money because we offer categorisation, which speeds up looking at instrument drift trends. We can also provide trend analysis on your assets, although this is only normally used for standards.

Out of Spec Notifications

If an instrument is out of specification we can send Notification of out of Specification warnings to designated contacts.

TER Rapid turnaround

  • While You Wait
  • Over Night
  • 2 Day
  • 3 day standard for all posted equipment
  • 5 day door to door.

Safe fully insured Transportation

Collection & Delivery Options TER has an In-House, fully insured transportation system. Your equipment can be collected without needing to be specially packaged.

Free of charge adjustments

All adjustments and re-calibrations are free of charge even if the equipment is out of specification or faulty. Some companies use adjustment as an excuse to increase add costs.