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Test Equipment Repair Service!

TER has repaired 56,548 different types of instrument


TER has 50 years experience and being a medium sized company we believe our engineers have the skill and work ethic to repair items faster than our competitors.  Some of the engineers, who have worked for us for over 25 years, developed magic fingers that find faults quickly.

Free Re-calibration

TER will re-calibrate your equipment after the repair Free of Charge. When equipment fails calibration and we subsequently have to repair the item we do the second calibration Free Of Charge.  Many of our competitors charge per calibration so a repair or adjustment would attract two calibration charges. 

Free Investigation

TER is so confident that our repairs are `Best Value` that if you choose not to go ahead with the repair then there will be no charges for investigation, handling, administration etc...  

You are not left waiting

TER ensures that all instruments that are booked in for repair are fast tracked to an engineer. This means that we can often turn the repair round in 3 working days. Repair quotations are automatically emailed/faxed to your designated contact. 

Component Level Repairs

TER can repair equipment down to component level.  We do not just replace the main boards, as a result your equipment can be repairs faster and cheaper..

TER Warranty

TER provides a free minimum 6 month warranty on repairs.  We guarantee that should the fault reoccurs we will repair and calibrate the equipment free of charge.

TER Honest Pricing Policy

There are common tricks in the calibration industry, companies offer cheap calibrations and generate non existent repairs to make up the loss.  TER prices calibrations at sustainable and honest rates, and therefore if a customer chooses not to repair any items in the year we are still thankful for there custom.Percentage of instruments that require repairing: 4.03%. Repair costs 14% of calibration costs for site-work equipment (These figures are for Utility companies whose equipment is used predominantly on-site.  Bench equipment tend to have lower breakages.).  Percentage of instruments that require repairing: 2.72% for internal equipment.

Fixed Price Repairs

TER offers a Fixed Price Repair system for certain makes and models. The fixed price repairs can save in terms of administration and time. How does it work for the customer, For certain items you can send an item in and subject to the same fair terms we can repair the instrument for a known cost and in a generally known time. There is no waiting around for a repair estimate to be generated then cleared it also saves all the hassle with order generation. It tends to be generally slightly cheaper (on average) than an estimate repair. How does it work for TER? TER saves on engineering time (Finding the fault putting it back together then repairing the fault) and administration time (sending, chasing and clearing of estimates. We try to pass on some of the saving. (See Minor repairs).

Minor Repairs

TER offers a Minor Repair charge system. We have two forms of this system. A customer can set up a cleared allowance for small charges to be made without estimation. The customer still gets a complete breakdown of the repair and the charges, however, no delays or administration is incurred. We tend to offer this after a customer has built their confidence in our integrity. We also offer a Fixed Price Minor Repair this is to save both side time and administration. If, for example, an item is sent in for calibration and a few pound fuse is blown we could have an agreed amount to charge for minor repairs and this would be incurred. This works very well in conjunction with the Fixed Price Repair because we would loose customers if we charged tens of pounds and just changed a fuse.

Component Level Repairs

TER repairs equipment down to component level. Many companies are unable to do component level repairs and swap whole boards instead. This is generally very expensive. Unfortunately there are occasions where even we have to make board level repairs.

All of the above services are subject to our standard terms and conditions and it is the duty of the customer to ensure that they are familiar with our terms. 

TER Rapid turnaround

  • While You Wait.
  • Over Night
  • 2 Day
  • 3 day standard for all posted equipment
  • 5 day door to door.

Safe insured Transportation

TER provides our own nationwide collection and delivery service using a specially equipped fleet of vans. Click here! Have your equipment collected without protective packaging.