hi-tech calibrations of all test equipment

High quality calibration service!

Basic Cal with or without results

TER can provide a bespoke test procedure

(for Manufacturer's Calibration Click-Here)

The specific points of measurement can be specified by the customer. This calibration method is in every way similar to our UKAS Calibration and our TER_ISO calibration except instead of following the manufacturer's recommended calibration procedure the customer can define a specific procedure.

TER tends to make the procedure at least as exacting as the manufacturer's calibration.

As with all TER measurements, they are all directly traceable to national standards.

TER Rapid turnaround

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  • Over Night
  • 2 Day
  • 3 day standard for all posted equipment
  • 5 day door to door.

Safe insured Transportation

TER provides our own nationwide collection and delivery service using a specially equipped fleet of vans. Click here! Have your equipment collected without protective packaging.