hi-tech calibrations of all test equipment

High quality calibration service!

Quoted Repair of Fault

TER Repairs (For general repair info Click here)
  • One stop shop for the repair of all types of tools and test equipment. 
  • This type of repair consist of our engineers investigating the fault. 
  • The equipment may be sent in, known to be broken, or be found to be faulty during the calibration.
  • The engineer establishes the cost of repair and an email is sent to your designated contact detailing the nature of the fault, the cost and timescale for the repair.
  • If the quotation is accepted (please read why our repairs are the best.) the instrument will be repaired and returned.
  • if the repair is declined the investigation is Free of Charge

TER Rapid turnaround

  • While You Wait.
  • Over Night
  • 2 Day
  • 3 day standard for all posted equipment
  • 5 day door to door.

Safe insured Transportation

TER provides our own nationwide collection and delivery service using a specially equipped fleet of vans. Click here! Have your equipment collected without protective packaging.