hi-tech calibrations of all test equipment

A world of measurement!

  • Comprehensive rf calibration and repair

    RF calibration and repair Calibration of all types of rf equipment for the last thirty years.

  • Calibrating your calibrators

    DC LF and standard calibration We calibrate the assets and measurment standards for customers and competitors.

  • Repair of all types of Test Equipment

    Fast economical repairs All types of Test Equipment Repair TER.

  • Collection delivery service

    Nationwide 5 day quick turnaround Maximum guaranteed 5 day nationwide turnaround via our own fleet of vans.

  • UKAS Calibration for the UK' Manufacturing Industry

    Manufacturers' number one supplier for caibration and Repair Whether from Automotive, Electronics, Aerospace or Defence TER repairs, calibrates and supports companies in your industry.


TER is still operating and is open for business. We supply to many critical industries, including: medical, power generation, defence, pharmaceutical.

TER has made changes to our operations so as to help safeguard our staff and our customers, while continuing to deliver the service.

TER would like to thank you for your custom and if you have any specific requirements we will do our best to incorporate them into the service that we deliver.

TER is UKAS accredited for calibration and this logo can only legally be shown by UKAS accredited laboratories
TER is ISO9002 Quality assured.  Beware that ISO quality assurance accreditations do not validate calibration, however, our UKAS does.

TER is a UKAS accredited laboratory with 60 years experience. We are one of the UK`s largest single UKAS laboratories. Read why choosing UKAS mitigates your personal and corporate risk. here.

TER is also ISO 9001 quality assured.

Free repair quotations

click-here! Most comprehensive repair Test Equipment Repair comapany in the UK. Repair quotations are free of all charges. Also we offer fixed price repair charges for most equipment types.

17th Edition Calibration click-here!

All electricans equipment repaired and calibrated, no hidden charges and free quotes on all repairs.

While you wait!

click-here! Spiral clock picture, fast calibration while you wait TER provides a While You Wait Service for calibration of many types of equipment. Sit and enjoy some lancashire tea while you equipment is calibrated.